Carpe Digi is the act of picking out, selecting and gathering the best experiences - in my humble opinion - out there. Ultimately to present them here through this digital window. It was born from my desire to help people experience the cities, the countries and the places I have visited. Not to mention the brands and products I believe in, buy and try.

I would also like to inspire you to move, to go places and to try new things. If you take one tip, one experience, one name, one feeling from this site I will be happy.

If you come back for daily updates I will be happier :)

At last, this site is my creative outlet, my personal digital lab so I don't forget my past professional experience as digital manager for big corporate brands. I have to admit that as a content freak I needed a place to make sense of it all. 

The video below is my welcome and reflects my vision for Carpe Digi in the most unexpected ways. 

Who Am I


Cris(tiana) Rodrigues. Content addicted. Travel lover. Opinionated. Book worm. Leo and Dragon (fire much anyone?). Amateur photographer (there is always hope!). Steelers fan. Chelsea supporter. Currently based in London with her 2 handsome sons and husband. On Instagram. On Twitter. On Linkedin. On Foursquare. On her personal blog (in Portuguese) here.


In this Carpe Digi journey I have been working with wonderful contributors. They are personal friends and I have used their advice many times. Once now and then you will read a guest post by one of them. If you think you would like to write for us get in touch.


Pat(ricia) Macieira Kane. Thirty-something from Rio de Janeiro. Living the dream in Dublin. Obsessed with all things style, beauty, art, food, wellness, travel and DIY. Virgo freak (did anybody say 'lists'?). Mom and wife. Dog lover (Ochi, my cavalier, is the luckiest pup in the world!). Here to share my stories, ideas and dreams. Have fun! 


Paula Pinaud is in love with traveling, food, art and fashion. Passionate about Yoga and healthy lifestyle. Born and bread in Rio. Living in London since 2011. Here to share interesting experiences and tips.


Suzana Machado is a wholehearted strong friend who enjoys her moments to the fullest. She lives in Rio de Janeiro and still doesn’t know what she is going to be when she grows up.


Graciella Cremonini is a Marketing executive (and wine aficionado), passionate about travel and photography who uses all of her free time to travel the world. She shares her travel experiences via AmoViajar on facebook and on Instagram

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