The road not taken sometimes comes back

The Talks is a website I always visit. It is impressive to see how many websites are doing a great job profiling famous people in a different way. A few days ago their talk with Isabella Rossellini, the all-time beauty icon and actress, was published.

The news that after all these years Isabella has returned to school to study something she always loved hit close to home. Her attitude going back is so positive and her reasons are so clear that I could only confirm she is indeed a strong woman.

Photo by Andre Rau

Photo by Andre Rau

It also made me think how much we stress about getting old or being too old for something, or thinking about the fact that the years are passing by and we are not doing 'anything'. I am to blame in all of these, I have thought about these things many times (trust me I am not that old!). 

I wonder if women are the only ones to overthink these matters. Maybe we have to drop our careers for a while when the kids are born, maybe we have to understand we cannot do the same things we did before the family with kids was a reality, maybe we are tired to keep re-positioning ourselves. And, reality, maybe we shouldn't worry so much. In time, we may realize we can take similar roads to the ones we thought we had left behind.

Tough? Not to Ms. Rossellini who seems to be living to the fullest. And I am taking notes as I read through and listen to her talk here.