Be an Entrepreneur but not a Mom or Dad (at the same time)

Entrepreneur.com is a website that talks about some interesting stuff, seriously. I get them on my Facebook feed and go to the website most times to read through what they are talking about. 

To my surprise they had this post on last week. It took me a while to realize how sad it is to think that 'taking back your mornings' entails (at least from the infographic they had on the post) having a house free of kids, which I will assume (just for the sake of this argument, yeah, right?) some entrepreneurs may have after all. 

I think most parents (who are also executives or entrepreneurs for that matter) could agree that some of the images below can be adapted to your family routine. But, again, how many times can you have mornings free of stress when you are trying to get your kid(s) ready for school? I would know (but maybe haven't tried hard enough). If you can make it work this well, please comment and inspire me!

Take your mornings back infographic