Giving birth was by far the most amazing experience I've gone through.

Go back a year ago and there I was thinking my wedding day was THE BIZ!!!! 

People ask "But wait? Did you just say 'amazing' to describe birth, natural birth?" and I am like "Hell yeah!".

So today I've decided to share a couple of reasons why I think birth was so COOL! 

(... I am fast forwarding it straight to the fun part, ok?)

A couple of notes:

  • SJ is my husband and yes, he was immensely responsible for the success of my birth experience
  • TJ is my baby boy <3 
  • I tried not be to be too cheesy but well, I just couldn't
  • I might be over sharing here and there but hey, who cares

Here we go! xoxo

SJ's Support

May 22, 3pm - I've been in seriously-violent-horrific pain for maybe 3 or 4 hours now.

As labour progressed, SJ’s presence really, really helped me. I responded enormously to his encouragement and even though I couldn’t express it in (nice) words, in my mind I knew that without him I wouldn’t be able to deliver our boy in such a brave way. He’d say things like, “You’re doing a great job” or "Remember to breathe" and even though I knew he was just being kind, I would find some inner strength to keep going on and on.

It got to a point that I could no longer handle the pain and called a midwife - I was literally saying ‘I cannot do this, I am pretty sure that from here onwards I can't do it on my own!'.

SJ would then say ‘yes, you can’ - that was everything I needed... at least for one more milisecond of bravery!

At that point the midwives examined me and said that I was ready to go to the Delivery Room – happy days, our baby is coming!

The Epidural

I got an epidural (which felt like a rush of ice water down my lower back), and the pain went away almost immediately. I could still feel a bit of pressure during the contractions and felt in control of my body but there was no pain at all. The following hour was blissful and I managed to take a 45-minute nap! 

I woke up dying for a big dirty BigMac – no idea why! – but obviously you are not allowed to eat at all. 

I will always respect women who decide not to go ahead with the epidural but I can safely say that without it my experience would have been a whole different story... thanks to Corning and his gang for making it so darn cool!

Labour (Or as I like to call it, "It's Miracle Time!")

Before going into labour, I had asked SJ to stay up by my head, but at that moment, I didn’t care at all, I just want to have my baby delivery safe and sound.

SJ was standing up, watching the whole thing. He was serious and super apprehensive and I will never forget the look on his face every time I had to push.

The next part was something like out of the movies - so, so exciting but very intense.

Almost at the end, I looked down and saw this big black head of hair coming out – I couldn’t believe that my baby was coming out of my body just like that! 

At 9.31pm our baby boy was born – perfect and with a beautiful set of eye lashes I must say :)

It was such a funny, unexpected, amazing, thrilling feeling. It's not a cliche what I am about to say but words really cannot describe that moment.

My Boy

TJ was purplish-red and had his eyes opened, and my heart felt like it was going to burst. His lips were making the cutest noise like ‘Mom, hurry up, I am hungry!’. He felt soft and smooth, and I was laughing and kinda crying at the same time. I felt happy and complete! It was so magical to be cuddling our sweet baby in my arms for the first time. 

I didn't know if I should welcome him in Portuguese or in English so I decided to do both! 

I would have a million babies just for that moment!

The overwhelming love started immediately.

I couldn't stop staring into TJ’s big black/grey/green/blue (we had no idea!) eyes and stroking his wet little head full of hair.

As for SJ… There's nothing sweeter than seeing your husband hold your new baby! It made me love him even more, even harder and stronger.

Special Mention to Our Bodies

We spend years and years complaining that we would love to have a smaller backside, bigger boobs, longer and leaner legs... We forget how amazing our bodies already are!

Being able to nurture and then deliver a baby is a privilege, I know, and I wish all women around the world could experience this at least once. 

I was gobsmacked by how the body works before, during and after the delivery.

We rock, women, we do rock!