Eating Pizza in London

Pizza is such an easy treat that it seems many places have the right to have some in their menu. My love for proper pizza tells me otherwise.

So far, I have only two favorite pizzerias in London: Franco Manca and Crate Brewery.

Crate Brewery Bar & Pizzeria is unique to Hackney Wick (although the group has expanded to other areas in different venues). The pizza is perfect, the beer is great, the relaxing view of the canal the cherry on the cake. The wait though can be discouraging, but don't hesitate. If you like to explore different areas of a city this is the place to go. It can get too hipster I admit but the pizza makes it up for it. UNIT 7, QUEENS YARD, HACKNEY WICK.

Franco Manca is expanding fast and there are now 9 (going on 10) places in town. I usually go to the Chiswick (a residential area in West London) branch, 5 minutes from my house. The pizza is made from slow-rising sourdough and baked in a wood burning brick oven. Ingredients are fresh and organic and vary from time to time. If you see the name close to where you are don't pass the chance to try it. 144 CHISWICK HIGH ROAD, W4 IPU