Four Italian Restaurants in London

London has amazing restaurants. I am sure you can stay here forever and visit a place a day and still not eat it all.

If you are a big fan of Italian food the city, of course, does not disappoint. I would skip the major chains (Valentina, Carluccio's, Zizi, Strada and many others) if you are looking for quality. If you have to pick from one of the chains, well, I have had a better experience at Valentina (but again it tastes a bit fast foody for my taste). Before you ask, ok, if no other choice Jamie's Italian is a fair option.

But, this is the list of Italians I'd recommend to friends:

- Cafe Murano - Perfect ambience, great food, attentive and lively service. They change the menu once now and then but seem to get it right every time. Booking is required, you can do it on-line or via phone: 020 3371 5559 (if you are dialing from outside of the UK drop the zero). Where: 33 St. James's Street, SW1A 1HD

- Locanda Locatelli - Has the lightest pasta around. The flavors are perfect. The service is exquisite. The only thing that may not appeal to everyone is the ambience, too sophisticated and somehow 'too clean' and modern. Booking is required via phone: 020 7935 9088 (if you are dialing from outside of the UK drop the zero). Where: 8 Seymour Street, W1H 7JZ

- Signor Sassi - Great spot if you are around Hyde Park (Knightsbridge). The food is great, the portions are big, the service very friendly. The ambience is the loudest, specially on weekends (which is my favorite part). I would book to be on the safe side as if you don't the waiting can be long, via phone 020 7584 2277 (if you are dialing from outside the UK drop the zero). Where: Knightsbridge Green, SW1X 7QL 

- Scalini - Friendly service and food to great standard. The ambience is a big plus, specially during the weekends when you will see lots of families in big tables. Booking in advance is always recommended but if you are lucky you can get a table for lunch without a reservation. If you need to book in advance, via phone 020 7225 2301 (drop the zero when dialing from outside the UK). Where: 1-3 Walton St, SW3 2JD