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If traveling is a priority in your life you will always enjoy browsing through pictures of amazing places (even if the travels are not yours they may well be someday!). Adriana Bicalho, who loves all things trips and photos has prepared an incredible personal TOP 5 for us. And we are going to leave this post speak by itself. Grab your imaginary bags and off we go.

Plitvicé, Croatia

Plitvicé is one of the most beautiful and organized National Parks ever! If you go to Croatia, you shouldn’t miss it! To walk around the park, you can choose between 4 differents ways, based on how much time you have and your level of fitness. I chose the “H” way, with 10 km by foot (with many stops by the falls and lakes), and parts by train or boat. You just need to follow the signs for your option (H for me). Walking slowly and taking many pictures, I spent 5 hours doing that. it was perfect! You can do everything by foot or taking the short way (about 2 hours).

The park sits in an area around the river. The river runs in 7 steps, so you can see many falls during the sightseeing. The wooden patch is good and gives you a chance to walk near all the most beautiful places at the park.

Moraine Lake, Canadian Rockies

The Canadian Rocky Mountains is, certainly, one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. It's a large area, with many lakes, mountains, rivers, wild animals and more. If you want to see everything, you will need a few days (5 days, minimum) and at least 2 different hotels. The best city in the Rockies is Banff. It's a lovely city, with many bars, restaurants, shops, gardens and even a museum. And there are lots of attractions near Banff. But some are a little far, considering it will take you time walking to the lakes, taking pictures and enjoying the breathtaking views. Because of that, it is a good idea to stay north of the Columbia Icefields as well, so you don’t spend so much time in the road.

My sugestion is to stay 2 nights at Lake Louise area, and 1 night at Jasper. Lake Louise and the surrounding area have many of the most beautiful sights. And around the Jasper area you can see more wildlife, think bears!!

The picture shows the most beautiful lake in the Rockies: Moraine Lake, only accessible from mid-May to mid-October. Make sure to climb the slight rise to have spectaculars views. It is fast and requires no effort, and will be the highlight of your trip! You can see the lake on your way up, allowing for different views. Try it on a sunny day, not to miss the incredible blue of the lake!

Flower Fields, Leiden

Leiden is a small town near Amsterdam. Despite being graceful, it appears on the map of tourism only at spring. The Netherlands are known as one of the largest producers of flowers in the world and most of them leave the flower fields of Leiden. There are not just tulips, but various kinds of flowers, in various colored fields that enchant the eye. The tulips are the highlight, of course, the unparalleled flowers from The Netherlands!

There are several fields of flowers by the road, and many of them have no fence and allow free entry. The sighseeing can be done by car or bicycle.

In addition there is the Keukenhof, a Park-Garden which is open only in the spring, and has an amazing collection of flowers. Worth a visit when in Leiden. But you should buy tickets in advance, because, as it is open for a few weeks in the year, the queues are huge.

The ideal time to visit is late April to mid-June, when the flowers are at their peak.

Annecy, French Alps

Annecy is a medieval town situated at the French Alps foot. People call it the Venice of the Alps, because of the channel that crosses the historical part of town, bordering medieval buildings.

Besides its medieval part, the city also has the Annecy Lake, which has a beautiful blue coloring, results from defrosting.

The contrast between the medieval stone buildings and the lightness of the blue waters of Lake Annecy makes it seem two cities in one, and steps away. Surprising and beautiful!

Saint Paul de Vence

Situated in the fashionable Cote d’Azur, Saint Paul has nothing of the crowded beaches of the region. Saint Paul is situated about 30 minutes from Nice. But the impression is that you are hundreds of miles away and in another time!

It's a small medieval town, all in stone, which, throughout it's modern history, enchanted many artists. Still today it attracts artists from all over the world, to exhibit their works in the dozens of art galleries scattered around the city.

This is the sophisticated and untouched Saint Paul. Unlike other cities, with lots of souvenirs shops, Saint Paul maintains it's class with the predominance of art galleries, boutiques (including extraordinaire olive oil boutiques), as well as excellent restaurants.

The best is to enjoy unhurried, and, if possible, spend the night there. That way you will have the city without the crowds, since tourists come mostly on tours that leave throughout the day. At night, the romance takes over and the city exposes all of his charm.

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Adriana Bicalho is a Brazilian, crazy about life, places, travels and its planning and antecipation. She is also an amateur photographer at heart and captures her memories anytime she has the chance. You can read her travel blog (Portuguese with Google Translator!) here.