Let us dream about Château de Gudanes

I have been dreaming about this Château ever since I read their story. Until 2012 the construction was only an abandoned and neglected chateau in the French Pyrénées. Around that time, an Australian family decided to buy it and renovate it. The restoration work started in November of 2013.

Château de Gudanes Restoration Logo courtesy of www.chateaudegudanes.org

Château de Gudanes Restoration Logo courtesy of www.chateaudegudanes.org

The entire process before-during-after is being told on their Facebook and social media pages. Considering Le Château is already being used (rented) for fashion photoshoots and for some events I can only imagine what this enchanting place is going to look like when it is ready. Hopefully a B&B? A haven to explore the region? Their website does mention a cafe, tours, accommodation (only in 2016), a gift shop, facilities for weddings, music festivals, local fêtes, workshops, conferences, seminars and courses. Yeah!

For now, let us dream a visual dream through their video and pictures. Or, as I have seen on social media, you can get in line to volunteer to help with the renovations :)

A drone video to give you perspective of the Château!

Homemade video that gives you an idea of what this magical place is.

A curated gallery of the pictures I have been following.

Château de Gudanes Surroundings

My kind of place. 

All pictures and video, a courtesy from Château de Gudanes, website here and social media here. You can also follow the progress on their blog here.