Lovin' Dublin

Dublin is becoming a hub for all things technology in Europe - we have big guys such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, Etsy (to mention a few!) based here and employing thousands of people from all around the World.

"Diversity" is slowly - but surely! - becoming a synonym for Dublin and as a part of this evolution process we've seen a ton of little restaurants and cafes opening and succeeding! everywhere. From Brazilians to Indians, from Italians to Chinese - whatever your cravings are, you will find it in Dublin.

My hubby and I are always trying to make the most of our alone time (AKA baby-less) and for that reason I wanted to find a smart way to be on top of my game when it comes to hot spots and new places to try/go - and thanks to technology, I've came across Lovin Dublin.

Lovin Dublin is a relatively new blog that contains tips on Dublin hottest spots, places to go and other fun stuff... Sounds like a successful formula for any blog out there, right? Wrong - these guys are approaching food critique and even latest local news with a witty humour and honesty that you don't find on your regular blog... If they like, they love. If they hate... oh bwoy... 

They are 'divils' - as the Irish say - for finding pubs where you can enjoy the rarest of the craft beers or incredible places for brunch that most of us, regular Dubliners, have never heard of.

Hope you have as much fun with them as I do!