Restaurants and Gastro Pub Around Windsor

When I first came to London for an 'inspection week' (aka school and house hunt), prior to our move, a great friend who (thank God) still lives here, took us out to dinner. But, not to just any place in town. My friend wanted to introduce us to the British charm (and cold!) of a village around London. That village is called Bray, about an hour and 30 minutes by train from London's city center. If you drive, around the same time (shorter in 15 minutes, traffic allowing).

I am not suggesting you go to Bray just for the sake of Bray (although if you like good food this is definitely a must). BUT, say you have a car for the day to visit Windsor Castle, Bray's center is just a 20 minute drive from it... think about it.

I am talking Heston Blumenthal. His Michelin star Fat Duck is in Bray. So is The Hinds Head, his (also Michelin star) amazing pub (can we even call it a pub?). That night we went to another of Heston's venue there, The Crown. This place is a traditional 16th century inn that serves amazing food in a perfect village setting. Once inside, you are transported to a different era. Everything from the décor to the smells. And the fire... wow. 

The Crown at Bray. Courtesy of www.thecrownatbray.com

The Crown at Bray. Courtesy of www.thecrownatbray.com

I don't think there is a chance to have anything you don't like here. And, if you are looking for a place with good meat better have it here. I am so glad my friend took us there. This has become a favorite, so has Bray Village, a mecca for good food.

WHERE (You want to make sure you book your table):                                                             High Street, Bray, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 2AH
Phone: 01628 621936
E-mail: reservations@thecrownatbray.co.uk

More on The Fat Duck here. More on The Hinds Head here.