#riolovers :: House of Caju

Today we will launch a series about amazing stuff that you will only find in Rio.

As I once read on Vogue "...sartorially speaking, Brazil may be most associated with bikinis, but a rising fashion scene means chic boutiques and eclectic finds for the consummate shopper". 

Rio de Janeiro is right in the middle of this rising fashion scene, well-known for its local artists and designers blending cool with chic, colours with simple lines, street art with glamour.

From fashion's Gods like Osklen, Lenny and Patricia Vieira to world-renowned artists like Beatriz Milhazes and Adriana Varejão - our art will never fail to impress you.

On today's special we have a handbag & leather goods brand just launched by some very good friends of mine - House of Caju.

House of Caju believes in simple but not 'boring simple'... we are talking about classic shapes and  elegant styles mixed with vibrant colours and a touch of Brazil like you've never seen before. 

They have developed their own line, the 'HoC' as well as lines created by guest designers - usually trendy Cariocas (aka born in Rio) with an amazing sense of style and an unique understanding of what being from Brazil truly means.

Here you will find my top picks:

HoC Picks
  1. Linha Basica, Fringe Clutch Bag Torquaise & Orange - a little bit of summer in your hands
  2. Linha Collab, Leather Hobo by Julia Golldenzon - my favourite... so far! 
  3. Linha Basica, Mini Bucket B&W - easy and relaxed just like Rio
  4. Linha Basica, Hobo Bag Pink & Orange - it's big and flirty and will add colour to any look
  5. Linha Collab, Leather Bag by Antonia Carregosa - a close second... :)
  6. Linha Collab, Leather handbag by Hayala Garcia and Daniel Barreto - stylish & practical 

If you are lucky enough to be in Rio this Sunday Nov 30th, I highly recommend you to join us at the 'Evento Encontro'. 

HoC as well as a couple of other upcoming brands will be there presenting their creations to us, avid shoppers.


Any doubts I will be there? ;) 



For you who's still asking yourself 'but what does "Caju" means?', here we go... Caju is the portuguese for Cashew, the fruit. When the cashew harvest starts here, the orchards clinging to the lush, wrinkled hills are blanketed by a brilliant yellow, orange and red carpet. Such colours are used by House of Caju in many of their creations, representing a part of Brazil's amazing palette.