Sabor Brazil... in Dublin!

Sabor Brazil is one of my favourite spots in Dublin. I really do believe that these guys have nailed the food & atmosphere combo here. 

sabor brazil

They are definitely not what you expect from your typical Brazilian restaurant. Forget the bright colours everywhere, the loud samba music and the usual pictures from Rio de Janeiro and its natural beauties... we are talking about wallpaper inspired on the baroque period, gold hues and velvet, a lot of velvet.

There's a quaint and exclusive feel to the place given it's so small

There's a quaint and exclusive feel to the place given it's so small

It's classy without being snob, music is soft and elegant and the service... ah well, the service is great!

Tom the Host is an adorable Irish man who will try to accommodate any special needs you may have - from food intolerances to a surprise to your loved one on your anniversary together, the man will make it happen for you.

When I first visited Sabor Brazil I had called Tom to mention my husband's intolerance to lactose as the set menu included some dishes with cheese included. Would you believe that they produced some sort of 'cheese' using manioc (a vegetable root)?! 

Marco the Chef is originally from Minas Gerais, a state in Brazil that well-known for its amazing cousine. So let's say he has learnt from the best of the best in terms of national culinary.

Together these two guys are perfect... I mean, great atmosphere & excellent food = boom!

Their tasting menu consists of 7 courses and each course comes with an explanation on how the dish is related to Brazil. It offers a wide variety of delicious choices - I have to make a special mention to the cheese bread (a Brazilian must-have) and the chocolate truffles at the end.

The set menu will wake up your senses!

The set menu will wake up your senses!