Etsy Christmas Finds!

Let's be honest - Christmas IS here.

All my - online! - shopping has been done and I am now just enjoying the amazing perks that come with the 'most wonderful time of the year' - think mince pies, hot chocolates, mulled wine and so on!

As for gifts, I am personalisation freak, someone who really thinks before buying something to a loved one.

This year I've done quite a lot of research on Etsy and here are some of the coolest things I've found...


They love simple yet fun stuff, don't they?

- Craftsman Soap Co. produces the coolest grooming kits. They have beer soap, beard oils and aftershaves that will leave your lad looking and smelling great!

- Leather equals men, right? I've found Mr. Lentz products just amazing. Check thin wallets.


- Two Tumbleweeds is for the foodie, the creative mind who loves a little shake up on their cooking routine. Try the Food Dice.

- Everything from UrbanCheeseCraft. Need. It. Now. 


They are everywhere and, if are not one of them, you surely know where to find them.

- Mug... because every coffee lover needs as many as they can have! Try Cyber Glassware ones, large and lovely!

- Personalised mug cozy. Just because there's nothing cuter for a coffee lover! What about this one from CreamNoSugar?


I am and I am sure many of you are too! 

- Personalised pillow plush with your pup's portrait. It's real and Shebbo Design does it beautifully. Mine is on its way! 

- Hand embroidered custom dog or cat portrait - kitsch yet fun! Why not? Try Hooplastitch.


Because I strongly believe that they need to be kids before getting into this technology madness!

- Softie Toys are always fun and these ones from Janefoster are irresistible. 

- Lostmyname sells the cutest little books personalised with the kid's name. Always a winner!


Do I really have to explain? 'Cause we are worth it! 

- Christmassy yoga pants? Yep. Loving these ones from ShenCreations.

- Delicate jewellery always does the trick and this ring with dragonfly wings from September Room stole my heart.

- Personalised jewellery cannot get any more amazing - check bigEjewelry now! You can get a necklace or a bracelet with someone's signature... 


Geek is now so cool that Etsy has a section called 'Geekery'... say whaaat! 

- Kitchen Tablet Holder. Coolest invention ever. Protects the tablet and makes it so much easier for us to read recipes! TreeSky nailed it.

- A charming Docking Station made out of driftwood? I'd say so... check out this one from DockSmith... fab, right?

- Customised Camera Strap is a charming and thoughtful gift. I am loving this one from MesaDreams.


Christmas looking good inside and out.. Or, as my grandad would say, if you will do something, do it right!

- Mozaiq is my go to place. Their products are eco-friendly and I adore their patterns.

- ToodlesNoodles offer a pick and mix of wrapping papers - you don't wanna miss this!