Rio Love

A movement initiated by a young entrepreneur in Rio is trying to get Cariocas (aka those born in Rio) to care more for the city.

This campaign is called 'Rio Eu Amo Eu Cuido' which means 'Rio I love it I care for it'.

The organisers of this campaign are now posting bracelets and asking Cariocas to wear them at all times, remembering that even the smallest of the gestures can make a huge difference.

Isn't it a great idea and a fun way to engage people?! I loved it!

The bracelets come with a letter where the organisers ask you to tie them to your arm and promise to change your attitude towards the city. So, for each knot you tie, you are making a promise to improve Rio, step by step...

I just received mine and loved it.


For the Cariocas out there, just email queroajudar@rioruamoeucuido.com.br and ask them for yours!