The Honest Company

This is for all moms out there!

Throughout pregnancy I read a lot about what's best for babies - from formulas to clothes, from baby food to nursery furniture.

During one of my latest 'on-line expeditions' I came across 'The Honest Company' (THC).

Jessica Alba and Sean Kane, co-founders of The Honest Company

I'd heard about THC and decided to test their products with my baby, TJ.

What I love about them is that the list of chemical ingredients commonly found on our conventional products is pretty much non-existent on THC products. 

I am a fan of many of their products. The patterned nappies (cutest little things!) are a huge hit with baby TJ :)

You do need to register before you make a purchase - click here to receive $10 off on your first order!

The downside? They only ship within US and Canada...