Landmark Hotels in Britain, France, Italy...

This has to be one of the best finds since I moved to the UK. I have yet to try it myself but just the thought of it already excites me. I am planning to use them in my travels next year. What a fun opportunity: staying at restored historic landmarks, some of them updated to modern, some of them with a long lost feel of the past. 

I am fascinated about history, the past, the stories and architecture. I am also 'Pinterest crazy' about interior design and the possibilities of it. What The Landmark Trust does is to rescue and restore important historical buildings that would otherwise be lost. Once the restoration process is complete the buildings are open to the public for short stays. 

The Landmark Trust owns buildings all over Britain, France, Italy and Belgium. Its 'portfolio' even includes 23 holiday properties on an island, called Lundy, off the coast of North Devon... how magical and unspoiled. And the best part is that, compared to hotels, specially for families, most places read pretty affordable.

So, as an idea for you next destination I have selected a few pictures from their really well put together website, scroll down and get excited.

All pictures courtesy from the Landmark Trust's website.

An old well is completely transformed... cozy and historical for only 147 pounds for 4 nights!

An old mine surrounded by beautiful greens in one the most sought after regions of the UK...

I just don't know what to say other than WOW...

This one is simply The Carpenter's Shop... How cool.

Oh! And the Martello Tower... pictures and memories for a lifetime!

You can understand more, search and book your next stay at their (very) comprehensive website here. I know I will!