Lifesavers for the Newborn Mom

So, I now have a month-old baby at home. The second one is easier so I have allowed myself some beauty routine which I thought was unnecessary with the first (it wasn't but life teaches you as you go).

These are my everyday products right now, for skin care and quick make up fix. They are easy to use - I apply most of them with my fingers - and give my tired sleepless face a boost.

From left to right, starting with the skin care routine:

- Sanctuary Spa THERAPIST'S SECRET FACIAL, a 100% natural super food for all skin types. I apply after washing my face in the mornings and get the glowy, dewy, hydrated look that prepares my skin for the make up to come. I use it everyday with or without make up.

- Sanctuary Spa Active Reverse Facial Peptide Repair Eye Cream, a restorative treatment to reduce the appearance of wrinkle, dark circles and puffiness. Use it every morning and before going to bed. I apply it with a quick massage around the eyes.

- Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate, my all time favorite facial oil for the night. After a good wash I apply 2-3 drops of this magical balm to my face and neck. Don't rub in, just apply it and let your skin do the absorbing. 

- Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel foundation, my budget foundation for every day wear. It feels like an expensive foundation without hurting my pockets. It has nice coverage but it is also very light on my skin. 

- Maybelline Dream Touch blush, for a spark of color, still keeping skin with enough moisture and glow. Another great budget option for blush.

- Nars Radiant Creamy (Magical) Concealer, not necessary budget but masterly worth it. I apply bellow the eyes, making a little triangle down my cheeks, on my dark spots and melasma. Perfect coverage and luminosity without being heavy.

- Nars Multiple stick (Copacabana), the touch 'of fairy', sparky look for my cheek and eyes (eyelids) that disguises my tired look.

- Maybelline Colossal Mascara, any Maybelline mascara is the perfect budget mascara I need to give an extra boost to my eyelashes. 

- Burts Bees Hydrating lip balm, so that my lips also keep their health and moisture on! 

People I meet have been saying I don't look tired like a newborn mom should. Maybe the routine is working?! Worth trying. Always worth trying. Especially if you are clocking in only 2-3 hours of sleep a night!