The World is Flat (Forget your Heels!)

When I open my wardrobe these days and see how many heels I have worn in my past corporate life I just cannot believe. I have donated some of the ones I thought I would never wear again and kept a few for a "rainy day". More than enough. Not only has my lifestyle changed (I don't have meetings where a heel could be a good idea anymore) but thankfully fashion has evolved allowing women the freedom of flats and cool tennis shoes we so deserve.

My old golden Osklen tennis shoes. Eternal love.

My old golden Osklen tennis shoes. Eternal love.

For me it is also about walking a lot and fast. I know you can do all of that in heels but nothing compares to flats. So I have selected a few options I love. Wearing flats does not mean you have to forgo style.

Bucketfeet is an American brand of artist designed footwear. They have super fresh and unique slip ons and lace ups.


Fratelli Rossetti, prime Italian in its best form and craft. Not cheap but amazing.


Chatelles, the French brand with so much savoir faire, an instant love with customized tassels and initials.

Bluebird, the Brazilian brand hugely inspired by this trend of cute flats is a good option also.

On the very comfortable front I also love Mahabis idea of the detachable soles. Easy go from comfort inside to comfort outdoors! And you can mix and match the soles!

What is your excuse to wearing heels these days?!