Vintage Looking Travel Bags: One Day!

I think one day I will travel again without the worries of a diaper and changing bag for the baby, activity backpack for my other son, pushchair and baby car seat (not to mention all the rest that is left for mom when you are rushing the family through an airport)! So, I keep saving these bags in my mental folder for when this miracle time happens. They would be amazing to spot on the carrousel AND would add a lot of bossa to any traveling.

Very Troubled Child - Unique 100% leather bags created by an Italian. They don't come cheap but man are they nice!

Chief Trunk Company - HIgh end American traveling brand

A photo posted by Chief Trunk (@chieftrunk) on

A photo posted by Chief Trunk (@chieftrunk) on

The Globe Trotter - A range of luxurious heritage luggage produced in the UK. WOW.

SteamLine Luggage - My all time favorite. All of the lines are beautiful! NO words.

Think deep pockets are worth the joy of having them? Just don't stress about how dirty they will look after one check in! :P