Getting Older and Healthier

I was talking to a friend the other day about how long it takes a woman - body and soul - to get back on her center after having a kid. We figured two years at least. I say, even if you lose the weight one usually puts on when pregnant (normally the only apparent change) there are so many other things to consider! You are sleep deprived, drained and exhausted, under crazy hormones. Not to mention the new responsibility of taking care of a new born. You feel so off centered it is hard to explain to someone who hasn’t been there yet.

My youngest just turned two and there are a few things I have started doing to feel better:

- Less meat in my diet. I still eat the occasional fish, chicken or red meat but only if my body really craves it. If not, I eat veg instead. 

- I have substituted my milk intake for almond “milk”. I have reduced considerably my yogurt intake and am trying to eat less cheese which is the hardest dairy to let go for me. I feel much lighter, with more energy. 

- I was never a white sugar fan but am trying to eat less sweet things in general. I have a good quality dark chocolate bite if I need something. A spoon of honey does wonders also! 

- I have started drinking these Alkalizing Greens by WelleCo in the morning (add almond milk and banana), replacing my breakfast all together. It is an all-natural daily multivitamin full of good enzymes that keeps your body within a desired alkaline range. It tastes great, my cravings are tone down and I feel lots of energy. No desire for coffee which is something very new for me!


 - Most days of the week I have replaced dinner for this vegan protein powder also by WelleCo. I was never a fan of protein powder but found this one to have a great taste, only good stuff in the formula, no dairy. Results so far: more energy, less need for a pre bedtime snack and less bloated next morning.


- I am taking a capsule of apple vinegar in the morning.  It is supposed to contribute to an efficient digestion, lipid metabolism and maintenance of normal blood glucose levels. I used to drink (horrible taste) but a friend told me about the capsule and voilá!


- I also take two capsules of turmeric, one before lunch and the other before dinner. Among the benefits: anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, improved brain function and many others. I chose this by Pukka but definitely many other brands available as long as you check the concentration and main ingredients.


- Baobab powder, 2 to 4 teaspoons mixed with just about anything. A natural powder that is high in fibre and rich in Vitamin C. It supports a healthy immune system, energy release and skin! My choice was this one by Aduna.


- Finally my chocolate of choice, always dark, as dark as possible. I keep trying new brands and just tried this Raw Halo which I really liked.


I feel better and lighter, with more energy these past few weeks. Next step is to increase my daily walking and cycling and hopefully be a very healthy old lady!