She does not need my petty cash

Big news in the music industry today is that Taylor Swift (your kids may like her) pulled all of her music from Spotify. What does it mean? And why are people talking about it? Maybe she just doesn't like Spotify. Some may argue she doesn't like what it pays (which I am sure is nothing compared to what she makes in general).

Maybe she believes Spotify hurts her albums' physical sales (and here I am thinking people have continuously stopped buying CDs period, what a fool I am). To me Spotify is probably the business Steve Jobs should have built instead of his iTunes (but again, what do I know?).

Taylor Swift Credit Richard Perry/The New York Times

Taylor Swift Credit Richard Perry/The New York Times

Cannot picture a lot of Taylor Swift's fans who have a paid subscription to Spotify (I know I don't and I am certainly not in her demographics). But again, I feel kinda sad I cannot go crazy in my kitchen dancing 'Shake it off' again (have I mentioned I am not her demographics?). I know she would get little money from my streaming/dancing but, at least her music had the potential to reach a different audience. But no, Taylor is not interested, thank you very much. She does not need my petty cash. And I will take my shaking to a free YouTube video if need be; where inclusive you can find such gems (!):

Update: In a lengthy post Spotify's CEO responds to Taylor's claims and denial of Spotify here.