Unfollow is Life

Yesterday Facebook announced positive changes to your News Feed. In the hopes of making your experience using the social network better, the company wants to make sure you know how to unfollow the things, people and brands you do not want to see in your feed again. Additionally, when you decide to unfollow something it will ask you why. It is also making it easier to track, later on, the list of 'things' you have unfollowed (don't worry, your 'friend' doesn't know you are unfollowing them, it just means you won't see their stuff in your feed). 

The way Facebook sees it, the more you engage with your content (by tweaking your settings, by liking what you really like, by commenting on things that are relevant to you and so on) the better your feed, the more suited to you their algorithm will be.

I do that all the time, unlike brands, unfollow people and engage with the content. But it takes work and a lot of your time. Not to mention you don't necessarily know how Facebook is actually changing your feed for your own good or just making them know more about your likes and dislikes.

Facebook says this is improvement. For me, real improvement will be to allow my News Feed settings to always be 'Most Recent' and not 'Top Stories' like they keep forcing it to be. Then, I may go back to my heavy using mode.